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Naruto Kitchen

Tebasaki Suage

Try our traditional ginger-flavored "momozangi." A secret formula using spices instead of batter to create this delicious tebasaki suage.


Aomori - Sai Village

Scallops grilled in soy sauce

Please partake of the gifts from Tsugaru Strait, the northern most part of Honshu.

Noshiro Mirai

Noshiro Shirakami Negiyaki

A specialty of Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, this dish uses a generous amount of thick, soft but crispy shirakami green onions. Enjoy this okonomiyaki made of sweet shirakami green onions and special sauce.

Iwate Beer

Iwate Beer

Craft beer from Iwate Prefecture. There will be various types of beer available, including a 5-beer tasting set.


Shorthorn Menchikatsu

Shorthorn beef comprises only 1% of the total beef production in Japan and is known for its tasty and healthy lean meat.

Ishibashi Senbei

Sanbu Senbei

Since 1959 much of the senbei production has become automated, but we continue to produce ours by hand. Our delicious senbei is cooked using high-quality oils and is enjoyed as a snack by people of all generations.

Ringo no Mori

Apple Juice

This apple juice from Iwate Prefecture comes from unusual red-fleshed apples, which are red inside. The 180ml bottle is a mix of blended juice and 100% red-fleshed apples. The unusual acidity and red color make it one of the most unusal apple juices in Japan. In addition, we have one liter set of 5 different types of in-season juices. Please enjoy these fine in-season juices that have been carefully made for your taste buds!

Sanriku Kisukeya

Grilled Scallops

These extra large scallops are brought fresh from Sanriku and grilled in front of customers. One of the most popular items at the festival so start lining up early!

Farm Usui

Ultraman and Valtan Kaiten-yaki

Fukushima's Sukagawa City is the birth place of Director Eiji Tsuburaya, the main creator of Ultraman. We have created the world's only Ultraman and Valtan kaiten-yaki using only naturally cultivated and pesticide-free rice flour. We use only safe and natural products and they are deliciously chewy! A rare chance to enjoy these items!

Fukushima - Tamura City

Egoma Kenchin

A specialty of Tamura City, egoma (perilla mint) is put into a hearty kenchin meal, bringing back memories of a fine home cooked meal. Egoma is a very nutritious ingredient, so give this local dish a try!

Yonezawa City - Ichikawa Meat Shop

Yonezawa Beef Kushiyaki

The renowned Yonezawa Beef kushiyaki is made using the best quality Japanese charcoals. It's definitely worth a taste!

Yonezawa Kohakudo

Yonezawa Beef Korokke

Using the finest local ingredients and careful preparation, please try these korokke made from famous Yonezawa Beef.

Nihon Seinyu

Oshidori Milk Cake

Oshidori Milk Cake is a very tasty snack made from milk and a very popular souvenir of Yamagata Prefecture. Packed with protein and calcium from milk, this is a highly recommended edible milk snack.



This is a soy sauce based konyaku commonly known as tamakonyaku and is a specialty of Yamagata Prefecture.


[Tochigi] Tochigi Satellite Shop「Tochimaru」

100% Strawberry Smoothie

This is a popular strawberry smoothie using 100% of Tochigi's Tochiotome strawberries! No milk is used so it's safe for those with allergies or are lactose intolerant.

Kotaro Bussan

Sweet Potato Drink

Featured recently on TV, radio, manga and other media, this is a popular non-sugar drink. We bake beniharuka, the fine sweet potatoes from Ibaraki's Hokota City, and we prepare them withoug using preservatives or artificial coloring. Uunique taste of sweet potatoes in drinkable form!

[Gunma] Gunmachan-chi
(Hotakaya Yakimanju)


This soft and chewy yakimanju is cooked and coated with a secret sweet and sour miso sauce and is considered “soul food” of Gunma Prefecture.

Sakura Shachu

Garlic Miso

A bronze winner in the general category, this garlic miso is made from garlic and Yamani Miso from Chiba's Sakura City.


Yakitori with miso

Come try yakitori made with Higashi Matsuyama's specialty miso!

Happy Time

Koi Strawberry Sweets

Yoshimi is known as a strawberry town and boasts being the No.1 producer of strawberries in Saitama. Enjoy the tasty strawberry sweet "koiichigo," made of 100% Yoshimi strawberries.

Fujinokuni Yamanashi-kan


"This Japanese sweet won the 2017 JR East Gran Prix's gold award in the sweets category and has won Monde Selection's gold award for three consecutive years from 2012. The concept of this shingenmochi, a specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture, is to preserve its local taste. There are three mochis in the package and we recommend you try it with our special black honey.


Miyake-jima Mackerel Sandwich

Mackerel Sandwich

"Mackerel caught off the coast of Miyake-jima and made into a sandwich using bread baked in Miyake-jima. A delicious combination of teriyaki-flavored mackerel with bread. The item was ranked No. 4 at Fuji Rock Festival 2015.

Tokyo Islands Izu and Ogasawara

Shima Highball

<Shima Highball>
Tokyo Island's No. 1 highball. Mixed with shochu from Kozushima "Moriwaka" and soda.
Izu and Ogasawara Island products. Island specialties, such as shiokara, shochu, kusaya and other products.


Shepherd Matsuoka

Lamb Sausages

We offer four types of additive-free lamb sausages and one of our goals is to introduce lamb recipes from traditional lamb consuming countries. 100% of the Japanese lambs have been raised on our farm in Nagano, but we also have lamb from Australia. We are promoting dishes using lamb modeled after countries in Oceania and the Mediterranean. Our meat is Halal compliant and is healthy for the body and free of preservatives and articificial coloring. You can also purchase wool products from our sheep farm in Nagano.

Garden Café FURUMI

Rice Flour Chiffon Cake

100% gluten-free rice flour chiffon cake made by rice farmers. Try this delicious treat with fresh cream with blue berries grown in Nagano.



Kyoto Shiokoji Karaage

Using shiokoji, made from delicate and thick seasoning, the chicken is marinated in the shiokoji made by Kyoko Distillery and is heated in three different temperatures to bring out that unique delicious taste.



Setoda Lemongara Shiokaraage (thighs)

Setoda Lemongara shiokaraage has received the Gold Award in the Karaage Grand Prix five years running in the "shiotare (salt seasoning)" category. Setoda lemon is added to the juicy karaage for that final touch.


Sanuki World

Olive Pork Barakushiyaki

The meat comes from pigs raised on the remains of pressed olives, making the pork healthy and rich in taste.

[Kagawa] Puccochu Sanuki Olive Beef Tabemai Beef Bowl

Sanuki Olive Beef Tabemai Beef Bowl

"Sanuki Wagyu, or Olive Beef, comes from the warm climate of Seto Inland Sea region and as its name infers, is raised on the remains of pressed olives of Shodoshima. It is cooked on teppanyaki with Shodoshima soy sauce, along with green onions, mixture of gochujang and mayonnaise and finally with a sprinkle of black pepper. This dish is trademarked as Kagawaken Don, a brand representing Seto Inland Sea.

Takamatsu 109

Neem Products and Japanese Tea "Neem Skin Cream", "Neem Candy", "Neem Tea", "Kaina no Shiki"

<Face and Skin Cream>
100% Indian neem oil, macadamia nut oil and other natural ingredients.
<Megumi Need Tea>
Neem leaves from India's Deccan Plateau and carefully picked by the Neem Association. The final production was done in Japan.

Hiwasa Smoke Factory

Smoked Mahi-mahi and Yellowtail

Slowly smoked using special homemade sauces with no chemical seasonings. Each fish is smoked carefully one by one by professionals, making it deliciously soft and juicy. The smoky smell also enhances the tasting experience.

Kyushu / Okinawa

[Miyazaki]  Kyoya Distiller & Brewer (Nichinan City)

Shochu and Gin

Established in 1834, Kyoya Distiller & Brewer, while continuing its tradition, also aims to create new tastes. Shochu that goes excellently with meals are distilled using potatoes grown in the sunny climate of Miyazaki along with water from Sakuragaoka, which is near the distillery. Please try shochu that is unique to this region thanks to Miyazaki's blessed nature. Our main potato shochu brands are Kameshozuku and Kanekyo Kanro, along with craft gin brands Yuzugin and HINATA.

Ayu no Yoshino

Grilled Ayu

Caught off the clear waters of Miyazaki's Saitobara, each fish is broiled carefully to bring delight your taste buds.

Uruku Soba

Nankotsu Soki Soba

Slowly stewed so that the bones can even be eaten. Partake of this delicious Okinawan soba!

Local Zone

Ristorante Al Porto

Mie's Matsuzaka Pork with Chiba's brown mushroom ragu spaghetti

This pasta is made with Matsuzaka Pork, with its umami and rich taste, along with brown mushrooms mixed with white wine and tomatoes. A special menu created by Chef Kataoka.

Ristorante Al Porto

Spicy shrimp curry with Aomori scallop cream

A delightful spicy DON with butter rice topped with curry sauce made of scallops and shrimp cream.

Ristorante Al Porto

Al Porto's original tomato juice from Yoichi, Hokkaido (43° latitude)
Al Porto's original apple juice from Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture

Very special tomato and apple juices developed by Al Porto's Chef Kataoka with tomatoes from Hokkaido's Yoichi City and apples from Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture.

FujiLand Sazae-san yaki Shop

Sazae-san yaki

You can purchase edible popular TV characters Sazaesan, Namibei and Tama at Taste of Tokyo. These are sold at Fuji TV's Sazaesan's shop.

[Rinkai]  FujiLand Maruju Seiniku-ten Beef Skewers


This kushiyaki is called "yawaraton," a well-known Tokyo pork skewer. Enjoy this extra tender and juicy kushiyaki.

FujiLand Japanese Sake Tasting

Japanese Sake Tasting

A select number of Japanese sake, umeshu and other drinks from all over Japan. Hard to find brands are also available. A rare chance to enjoy these traditional Japanese drinks!

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

Tokyo Shamo and Tokyo Ukokkei egg Oyakodon

This oyakodon is made from Tokyo Shamo, which has been aged to enrich its flavor along with the highly nutritious boiled Tokyo Ukokkei eggs. Have a whiff of this oyakodon with the roasted chicken mixed with sweet and sour sauce, topped off with Japanese caesar salad dressing. At this price, it would be a shame not to try it!

Hotel Sunroute Ariake / Yokohama Beer

Oedo Curry

Taste curry made from the juicy and tender pork of Furukawa Chikusan of Tachikawa, Tokyo. The pork curry is a specialty of Restaurant Patio, run by Yokohama Beer.

Rinkai Holdings Group


Nothing for kids to do at Taste of Tokyo? You would be wrong! Come by our tent before and after your meals to play games and win prizes! We look forward to seeing you!


Yurikamome Original Gooods

On sale will be original goods sold exclusively at Shimbashi and Toyosu Stations. Our goods are based on the Odaiba Resort Style concept and commerate your time spent in Odaiba. Please come and take a look!

[Rinkai]  TOKYO Minatorie
(Tokyo Port and Harbor)

Tokyo Port and Harbor PR

Tokyo Minatorie, Tokyo's Bureau of Port and Harbor's new PR exhibition center, will be at the event. Visit to learn about and experience Tokyo Bay; its past, present and future!

Old meets New Tokyo 150

This year celebrates the 150th anniversary of Tokyo (Edo) becoming the capital of Japan. Stop by to learn about the past 150 years and plans for the city's future.

World Zone


Jai Thai

Khao Soi

Khao soi hails from northern Thailand's Chiang Mai and is considered a specialty from that region. Made of noodles with coconut-flavored chicken curry soup, Khao soi is an exquisite signature dish from northern Thailand.

Mongolian Cuisine Ulaannbaatar


Buuz is a dish served during the Mongolian New Year and is prepared in homes everywhere. This dumpling is made of mutton wrapped in wheat skin. Come try this traditional Mongolian New Year's dish!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Tapioca Milk Tea

With over 3,000 shops worldwide, this is the quintessential tapioca drink!

North & South America

Frite Alors


Famous in Canada, poutine is a delicious potato dish topped with cheese curds and juicy gravy sauce, giving it a wonderful rich taste! Highly recommend you sample this delightful Canadian item!

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban sandwich was made famous by the 2015 hit movie "Chef." Made of pork, ham, cheese and pickles, find out what makes this such a special dish!

Saint Martin
Saint Martin Café

Chicken Set

Please try this delicious Caribbean chicken set.

Latin Grill "Piggies" Kamakura

Anticuchos de Pollo

Anticuchos is the soul food of Peru. We cook the chicken over charcoal fire. The chicken has been marinated with our own special sauce made up of 8 seasonings, including cumin, two types of red peppers and garlic. Goes great with beer!

Casa de Eduardo


Casa de Eduardo is a popular Chilean restaurant in Kanto. Empanada is a Chilean pie with meat, onion, eggs and olive wrapped in dough and then fried. Come try this popular festival food from Chile.


Portugal Sweets


Our Churros is made from Hokkaido's famous Kitahonami flour. We will be making the churros right there at the festival so it will be deliciously fresh!

Paella Ojichan

Iberico Pork Paella

A rare treat to try the popular Spanish paella using world-famous Iberico pork and vegetables from Tokyo!

Greek Cuisine taberna Milieu

Pita Gyros

Gyros are not only famous in Greece but all over the world. Come enjoy this Greek fast food!



Goulash is stew-like soup made from a combination of meat, vegetables and spices cooked together. It is the most famous Hungarian dish and has been enjoyed by Hungarians since the 9th century.

Oishii Croatia

Istarski Kapuz 

This traditional dish comes from Istria, the northwestern region of Croatia. With heavy use of sauerkraut, it's rich in vitamin C and is usually eaten during the Autumn and Winter seasons. We will also be selling Istria's EXV Olive Oil. Istrian olive oils are frequently chosen as one of the best oils in the world. Also on sale are our Croatian truffles.


South Africa
Out of Africa Tokyo

Chakalaka Boerewors

Chakalaka is a quick South African side dish made from cabbage, onions, carrots and spices that works perfectly with Boerewors sausage made from coarsely minced beef (sometimes combined with minced pork, lamb, or both) and spices (usually toasted coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and spice).

Little Ethiopia


Injera is the national dish of Ethiopia. The nuts of teff, a species of lovegrass, is made into flour, which is mixed with water and fermented for several days. It goes great with spicy stew and we know you'll become addicted to injera!