東京味わいフェスタ in 臨海副都心
(Taste of Tokyo)


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Japan Zone


[Aomori] Sai Village
Sai Village products

Sai Village, a city in Aomori with 7 fishing ports, will be selling some of its finest sea products from Tsugaru Straits. Items such as sea urchin pickles, pickled salmon roe marinated in soy sauce and other famous sea products will be on sale at Taste of Tokyo.

[Yamagata] Meiyuan

The delicious and healthy tamagokonyaku is one of Yamagata's specialties. Stop by to browse and purchase this and other unique food products from Yamagata Prefecture.

[Yamagata] Yonezawa Kohakudo
Yonezawa Beef Korokke

The winner of Japan's Korokke Grand Prix for three consecutive years!

[Yamagata] Honda Shokuhin
Yonezawa Beef Menchi

Deep-fried ground meat cutlet from the famous Yonezawa beef made with choice potatoes and onions from Hokkaido. Delicious with a slightly spicy taste.


[Gunma]  Gunma-chanchi

This soft and chewy yakimanju is cooked and coated with a secret sweet and sour miso sauce and is considered the “soul food” of Gunma Prefecture.

[Saitama] Chokatei
Miso Potato

Fried in batter with sweet miso spread on top. Please try this miso potato, a specialty from Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture.

[Chiba] Yachimata Yoshikura (only Nov. 26-27)
Additive-free peanut butter, jam and marmalade

You can purchase high-quality additive-free peanut butter made from Yachimata Chiba's "Chiba handachi" peanuts. We highly recommend purchasing this aroma rich peanut butter made directly from roasted peanuts. Additive-free marmalade and Chiba's Shimousa Soy Sauce will also be on sale.

[Chiba] Chibashoku・Ryohin
Cabbage Menchi

This cabbage menchi is 80% Chiba cabbage and 20% Chiba poultry. Please sample this 100% locally grown and produced dish!

[Chiba] fu~fu~cafe

A delicious crepe melting with sweet marshmallows and cinnamon apple compote, topped with crunchy granola


[Tokyo] Izu Oshima Fishery
Mackerel (Roudi escolar) Karaage

This karaage is made from mackerel caught off Oshima. It is unique in that all of the fish, including the bones, were processed and marinated in original seasoning.

[Tokyo] Miyake Village
Miyake Island Products

Ashitaba, literally "tomorrow's leaf," is considered responsible for the health and longevity of its residents! Miyake Village booth will offer new products Ashitaba Curry and Ashitaba Salt, as well as passion fruit from the islands, ashitaba sweets and other Miyake Village products.

[Tokyo] Tokyo Islands
Tokyo Islands Products

Tokyo Island ("Love-land"), an antenna shop of Izu and Ogasawara Islands, will offer its popular fish and chips from the islands. Please try it along with sake from the islands. Kusaya, salted-dried and fermented fish, along with products from the Tokyo islands will be available for purchase.

Hokuriku / Koshinetsu

[Niigata] Niigata Furusatomura
Niigata Products

Niigata Furusatomura, the largest road station in Niigata Prefecture, will offer various specialties of Niigata Prefecture.

[Fukui] Fukui Minami Aoyama 291
Fukui Products

On sale will be Fukui Prefecture's famous sweet, “habutaemochi,” along with many other products from this western prefecture.


[Shizuoka] Gotemba Mikuriya Soba
Gotemba Mikuriya Soba

Gotemba Mikuriya Soba, from Shizuoka's Gotemba region, has been traditionally served at home during special occasions, such as festivals and other celebrations. This special soba has a rich taste from yam and wild potatoes. Water from Mt. Fuji is used to make the soup and the soba is topped with chicken, shiitake (mushrooms) and thinly cut carrots. Come try this delicious soba from the feet of Mt. Fuji.

[Shizuoka] Sano Seimen
Kaizokuyaki Yakisoba

For squid lovers! This seafood shioyaki soba is made up of a generous portion of squid and vegetables, mixed with squid ink and salt sauce. Tastes better than it sounds!

[Shizuoka] Ajikurayama
Nishiizu salt bonito udon

Shiokatsuo udon or salt bonito udon was served during the Edo Period. It is cooked and mixed with bonito, green onions and onsen eggs.

[Shizuoka] Nishiizu Wasabi-don
Nishiizu wasabi-don

Nishiizu Wasabi-don is made from the finest wasabi grown deep in the mountains of Nishiizu. The wasabi, along with the famous Izu Tagobushi Kezuribushi, are mixed with rice to make this wasabi-don. Not all wasabi are created equal. Please sample this high-quality wasabi.

[Aichi] Kokonoe Mirin
Aichi Products

Mirin Kokonoe・GO! Moromi Chomiryou・Hangoroshi Series. You can purchase this, which is known as the oldest Japanese mirin. It is ideal for cooking, especially for the coming party season. Great for extra-spicy nabe!

Chugoku / Shikoku

[Hiroshima] Torimasa

The winner of Karaage Grand Prix (Salt Sauce Division) three years running! Partake of this juicy karaage with a squeeze of organic lemon from Setoda.

[Tokushima] Hiwasa Smoke Factory
Smoked Seafood

Caught off the waters of Tokushima, this fish is expertly smoked from cherry and walnut wood.

Kyushu / Okinawa

[Kumamoto] Fundodai Goyo
Kumamoto products

We will be selling Kumamoto goods, such as soy sauce, miso, local specialty dish "taipien," popular souvenir brown-sugar donuts, Kumamon goods, as well as other famous food products. As many are aware, there was severe damage from the earthquake in April. Fundoya GOYO, as a local Kumamoto company, aims to move courageously forward and are grateful for all the support given to Kumamoto.

[Miyazaki] Biyagura Hideji
Miyazaki specialty – charcoaled chicken

Charcoal chicken is the main specialty dish known in Miyazaki. The chicken leg, which is from Miyazaki, is heated under hot charcoal fire and the flavor is enhanced the more you chew. Great as a side dish or with rice!

[Okinawa] Okinawa Takarajima
Okinawa Products

Come try the popular sweets from Okinawa!

Sake Zone

[Tokyo] Sawanoi Sake (Ozawa Shuzo)

Sawanoi is a famous Japanese sake from Ozawa Sake Brewery. The brewery is located in Tokyo's western city Ome, some 1.5 hours by train from Tokyo Station. Ome is an area noted for its tranquility and an abundance of nature. Founded in 1702, the brewery created its sake brand Sawanoi, which was named after a village called Sawaimura. For over 300 years, Sawanoi has become known as the sake from Okutama, a region famous for its water, mountains, fresh air and greenery. Within this environment and with skills of Ozawa Brewery, Sawanoi was born and has continued to thrive.

[Japan] Japanese Sake
Japanese sake tasting

Japanese sake boom overseas!? Begun in the United States, Japanese sake has grown in popularity over the years. Not only does sake go well with Japanese food but there has been a trend of matching it with non-Japanese dishes. With so many variety of dishes at Taste of Tokyo, it is the perfect place for Japanese sake food matching! We will be offering extremely popular and rare Juyondai, Hiroki and Jikon, which usually goes for over 1,000yen for 500yen!! Only 20 chosen brands will be available and supplies are limited, so take advantage of this special offer!

[Aichi] Nenohi Sake (Morita)
Nenohi Sake (Morita)

Morita Sake from Aichi Prefecture! The renowned Nenohi Sake is skillfully tended and brewed from the ideal surrounding of clear water and blessed nature. Experience the subtle taste of rice and its soothing aftertaste. On hand will be unheated Nenohi Sake to ensure fresh taste. Come try Morita Junmai Ginjo Muroka (high-quality unfiltered sake) and other popular sake. Other Morita products, such as Morita Hatchomiso Nabe Sauce will also be available for purchase.

Local Zone

Welcome Drink
Wine and sparkling wine

Welcome drink of red/white and sparkling wine with Taste of Tokyo souvenir glass for 500yen! Refills for 200yen. A chance to take home a souvenir from the festival!

[Tokyo] FujiLand
Pork skewers and Sazaesan-yaki (cooked sea snail)

Try pork skewers made from extra tender pork, a specialty from Tokyo's Tachikawa. Enjoy the juicy and delicious taste of this special pork. Also on sale will be products from Fuji TV's Sazaesan's Shop, based on the long running animated TV show. You can purchase the very popular Sazaesan-yaki and other such sweets, such as Tamayaki, Namibeiyaki.

[Tokyo] Beer
Suntory Beer

Official beer: Suntory's Premium Malt's

[Tokyo] Ristorante Al Porto
Seafood Tomato Spaghetti

A firm tomato sauce based pasta (al dente) with large helpings of flounder, squid, octopus, scallops and other seafood from Aomori Prefecture. A delicious Italian dish made by the chefs from the famous Ristorante Al Porto.

[Tokyo] Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel
Tokyo Shamo chicken sukiyaki bowl

We will serve sukiyaki-don from Tokyo Shamo, a variety of chicken that originally came to Tokyo during the Edo Period. We will serve the low-fat part of the chicken, along with shironegi (onions), soft-boiled eggs, rice and mixed with homemade salty-sweet sauce.

[Tokyo] Hotel Sunroute Ariake
Oedo Curry

Taste the curry made from the juicy and tender pork from Furukawa Chikusan of Tachikawa, Tokyo. The pork curry is a specialty of Restaurant Patio, run by Yokohama Beer.

World Zone


Bourbon Street
(Rice - Hokkaido)

Jambalaya is one of the main Cajun dishes of the state of Louisiana in the United States. This mouth-watering rice dish has a mixture of chillies, tomatoes, garlic, vegetables and meats. A wonderful fusion of Spanish, French and American Food.

La Casa de Eduardo
Pastel de Choclo
(Pork - Tokyo)

Pastel de choclo is a South American dish based on sweetcorn or choclo. It is similar to English corn pudding. Come enjoy the Chilean version of this popular South American dish.

Chicken Man
Grilled Chicken & Grilled Potato
(Chicken - Chiba)

American southern styled grilled chicken with grilled potato. A popular dish especially in southern America.

Arepa Rellena
(Chicken, Green Onion - Hokkaido)

A popular cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela, Arepa is a crispy bread made of corn, stuffed with chewy cheese, chicken and beef.

Dining Bar Irie
Jerk Chicken
(Chicken - Gunma)

Jerk cuisine, originally applied to pork but now includes chicken, is now a stable menu on any Jamaican event.
The sauce is key to jerk chicken's taste and Dining Bar Irie uses homemade jerk sauce made of pesticide-free thyme and crushed pepper sauce to make a delicious jerk chicken. The chicken is cooked Jamaican-style, slowly over a drum pan.

Hawaiian Restaurant Laule'a
Hawaiian Pancakes
(Milk - Tokyo)

Hawaiian style pancakes made with milk from Tokyo's Tama City. Popularity of pancakes has grown in Japan recently. Enjoy this Hawaiian version topped with coconut haupia sauce and toasted coconuts!

Chicken Tacos
(Chicken - Kagoshima)

This popular Mexican dish is made from homemade tortillas, filled with chicken, avocado chips, sour cream and cheese. The perfect festival food!

Todd's Maple Butter Tarts
Maple Butter Tarts
(Eggs - Tokyo)

Todd's Maple Butter tarts are a premium hand-made Canadian pastry, made from 100% maple syrup. They are a delicious pastry tart representing the true tradition of one of Canada's quintessential desserts. It consists of a tasty flaky crust with sweet gooey filling. Loved by all ages it's a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed as a hot or cold treat.


Le Jardingaulois
Fromage Blanc Cheese Cake
(Milk - Aichi)

Original cheese cake made with Fromage blanc! Fromage blanc is a creamy soft cheese made with whole or skimmed milk and cream. A very popular French cheese cake!

Fritaja & Tartufata (Scrambled eggs with Truffle sauce)
(Eggs - Tokyo)

Fritaja are scrambled eggs topped with truffles that are famous in the north-west region of Croatia (Istria). This is a traditional and a very popular dish in Istria.

(Eggs - Tokyo)

Paczki are Polish pastries that are deep-fried dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with butter, eggs, jam and cream. These yummy treats are hard to find in Tokyo, so come try them while you can!

Spain Bar Bodega de Sarria
Pan Con Tomate
(Tomatoes - Tokyo)

Pan con tomate is a Spanish-style grilled bread with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. This simple yet delicious tapas is a perfect autumn treat!


Malawi Cuisine
Cassava Chips
(Cassava Chips - Kagoshima)

These cassava chips were made with seeds from Africa and grown in Kagoshima Prefecture! Cassava, similar to potato, is popular with indigenous people in Africa. A rare chance to try such a dish in Japan.


OnJapan Cafe
Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)
(Daisen Chicken - Tottori )

OnJapan's karaage uses chicken marinated with koji salt, a traditional fermented seasoning of Japan, which adds a distinct flavour and aroma to usual karaage. It is the perfect snack or accompaniment to sake, beer or wine!

Puen Thai Food
Tom Yum Goong Ramen
(Coriander - Kanagawa)

Tom Yum Goong is considerd one of the top three soups in the world. This soup is made of Thai herbs with shrimp and has an unique spicy sour and sweet taste. This soup is also the base for ramen made with Thai rice noodles.

Sans Cafe
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
(Cabbage - Gunma)

These Vietnamese spring rolls have shrimp and vegetables wrapped in rice paper. Come try this popular Vietnamese appetizer!