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Japan Zone


[Aomori] Sai Village

Sai Village products

Sai Village, a city in Aomori with 7 fishing ports, will be selling some of its finest sea products from Tsugaru Straits. Items such as sea urchin pickles, pickled salmon roe marinated in soy sauce and other famous sea products will be on sale at Taste of Tokyo.

[Iwate] Sanriku Kisukeya

Grilled scallops

We will be selling fresh scallops and oysters caught the previous day in Sanriku, Iwate Prefecture. Enjoy the extra large plump scallops.

[Miyagi] Tsutsuminoohinakkoya


Tsutumi dolls are beautifully crafted by thirteenth generation craftsmen from Tsutsumimachi in Sendai. While many such traditional arts and crafts were widely produced during the Edo Period, numbers decreased thereafter. Fortunately, production of these traditional goods, known for its beauty and quality, have seen a revival. Feel free to browse through these fine products from the Tohoku region.

[Miyagi] Traditional Miyagi Kokeshi (Yajiro Kokeshi Cooperative)


Yajiro Kokeshi was born in an area near Kamasaki Hot Spring, which is located in the southern part of Shiroishi City. Yajiro is a farming and cultural district and kokeshi was made during the off season and sold to the Kamasaki Hot Spring customers as children’s gifts. While the designs are straightforward, the top of the head is shaped like a beret looking potter’s wheel line and below it tegara in 2-3 colors, giving it a modern look.

[Yamagata] Iseya Honten

Yamagata beef mince cutlets

Taste the famous Yamagata Beef in mince cutlet! A delicious and luxurious treat from Yamagata.

[Yamagata] Meiyuan


Enjoy the delicious famed Yamagata tamagokonnyaku. The perfect food for eating on the move. Tamagokonnyaku is very healthy and low in calories, pleasing to the body!

[Yamagata] Nihon Seinyu

Oshidori Milk Cake

Made from milk, these are very tasty snacks. Filled with protein and calcium from milk, these snacks are known as milk that is eaten.

[Yamagata] Gotoya

Yonezawa Beef Korokke

Come try this delicious kushiyaki, made from the famous Yamagata Beef.

[Yamagata] Akiba Farmers Group


Dondon-yaki is considered the soul food of Yamagata.


[Ibaraki] Muberoku Farm Hokuhoku

Packaged roasted sweet potatoes

Three times sweeter than a melon. The packaged roasted sweet potatoes were chosen as the best omiyage (gift) of Ibaraki in 2016. You wouldn’t believe that it is non-sugar due to its creamy sweetness. It has been widely reported in the media as liquid sweet potatoes. The pride of Ibaraki’s Hokota City, try these delightful sweet potatoes!

[Tochigi]  Antenna Shop Tochimaru

Strawberry smoothie

Come try this smoothie full of the famed strawberries from Tochigi!

[Gunma] Gunma-chanchi


This soft and chewy yakimanju is cooked and coated with a secret sweet and sour miso sauce and is considered the soul food of Gunma Prefecture.

[Saitama] Happy Time

Happy Time Koi strawberry sweets

Yoshimi boasts as being the No.1 producer of strawberries in Saitama. You can definitely enjoy the sweetness of strawberries in this "koiichigo," made 100% from Yoshimi strawberries.

[Saitama] Ojima Shizennouen

Grilled Shamo Chicken

This local tamashamo grilled chicken is from Saitama and is grilled over charcoal. Also try our shamo rice, which is cooked from tamashamo soup stock that took 4 hours to make.

[Saitama] Sankin


Come try yakitori made with Higashi Matsuyama's specialty miso!

[Saitama] NPO Gyoda City Kanko Bussankai

Tabi senbe, ao soybean (aodaizu) products

Tabi senbe is carefully made over high-quality charcoal. We have assembled a lineup of the most popular senbe. The senbe is shaped like Japan Heritage’s “tabi (type of footwear) no machi Gyoda.” Ao soybeans (aodaizu) have a fragrant smell and darker taste than regular soybeans. The soybean products are made from the highly regarded soybeans from Gyoda.

[Chiba]  Chibashoku・Ryohin

Bluefin tuna umani bowl

The bluefin tuna is marinated for a long time with soy sauce from Chiba. Bluefin tuna, which is full of collagen, makes this umani bowl truly a welcoming dish!

[Chiba] Yachimata Yoshikura

Additive-free peanut butter

These additive-free peanut butter is made from top-grade peanuts from Chiba’s Yachimata known as “Chiba Handate.” The peanut butter is made directly from rich and fragrant roasted peanuts.

[Chiba] fu~fu~cafe

Plum shaved ice

These plums come from the famed plum groves of Sakata castle ruins. The syrup is made from these plums, known for its mellow scent, and it is poured over soft shaved ice and topped with a plum. Try this unique tasting sweet and sour plum shaved ice.

[Tokyo/Kanagawa] Japanese Craft Beer Tasting

Japanese craft beer

Craft beer tasting from three breweries in Japan. Only 200yen per tasting with a Taste of Tokyo glass (200yen), so you can try many types of beer. Come sample some of the finest craft beer Japan has to offer!


[Tokyo] Tokyo Islands

Japanese sake shots

Tokyo Island is an antenna shop of Izu and Ogasawara Islands. We have shochu, liquor and other special products from the islands.

[Tokyo] Kozushimamura

Red shiokara, Ashita Kocha, etc.

We have various specialties from Kozushimamura. Check out what the island has to offer.

[Tokyo]  Tokyo Shoten

Sake made in Tokyo

Tokyo Shoten is a Tokyo select shop that carries 10 Japanese sake from Tokyo and which you can buy from vendor machines to taste and compare. Other than sake, there is also shochu from the islands, beer, seasonings, snacks and other food products from Tokyo. Come try various Tokyo sake from Taste of Tokyo.

[Tokyo]  Tokyo Mimore

Designer candles


[Nagano] Shepherd Matsuoka

Lamb sausages  

These non-additive mutton sausages were made without using any chemicals, food coloring or other controversial products. These German-styled sausages were made by experts in Komagane, Nagano. The sausages come from Matsuoka Farm or other high quality Japanese lamb selected by Matsuoka. The lamb are usually added to the Matsuoka flock.


[Gifu] Shinkinedo

Chestnuts with Sweet Potatoes

Called kurikindon, it is made from Japanese chestnuts with wasanbon (fine-grained Japanese sugar). The recipe has been passed down through the generations, using only the finest ingredients. It is considered premium kurikindon. Using only ingredients selected by craftsmen, these take longer to make than the average kurikindon.


[Osaka] Tower Knives

Japanese knives

TOWER KNIVES TOKYO is located in Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi. The knives are made from selected craftspeople from various regions of Japan. The staff are highly knowledgeable about knives and can explain and educate you on knives and how to use them. Please come by to learn more about Japanese knives at Taste of Tokyo.

[Wakayama] Plum Concierge

Hot dog (Kishu Umeboshi)

This hot dog is made from a specialty umeboshi shop. The crispy but tender sausage is topped with high quality Kishu Nankou plums that have been smoked and pureed. Melted cheese is added to give it an exquisite Japanese-Western fusion taste.


[Hiroshima]  Torisho

Setoda Lemongara shiokaraage (thighs)

Setoda Lemongara shiokaraage has received Gold in the Karaage Grand Prix five years running in the "shiotare (salt seasoning)" category. Setoda lemon is added to the juicy karaage. Torisho also own a long established Japanese black beef shop. The finest karaage is made by the meat experts.

Kyushu / Okinawa

[Fukuoka]  Fukue Kumiai (Agricultural Association)

Hakata chicken karaage

Hakata jidori (chicken) is crispy and umami comes out the more you bite into it. Not only good as karaage, Hakata jidori also tastes great cooked in water and sautéed.

[Saga] Ogi Tourism Association


Majemba is derived from the Saga dialect for mixing. It became the local dish of Saga Prefecture’s Ogi City in July of 2011. You basically mix the noodle with the other ingredients and eat! The city has over 20 yokan manufacturers and is known as yokan town. Traditional crunchy yokan is a specialty of Ogi.

[Oita] Nakatsu Karaage Moriyama

Chicken karaage

We only use the most fresh chickens from Japan and not from overseas. We do not use frozen chicken and our karaages are soft and even tasty when it’s cold. We have received a Gold in the Karaage Grand Prix five years running in the "shiotare (salt seasoning)" category!

[Okinawa] CAFEnCHU

Sata andagi

Crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. Please enjoy this traditional Okinawan sweet dish.

Local Zone

[Rinkai] Ristorante Al Porto

Ragù pasta with Ehime Amatorobuta and Yamanashi mushrooms.

A delightful pasta made from soft, sweet and juicy Ehime Amatoro Pork stewed in white wine and tomatoes.

[Rinkai] Hotel Sunroute Ariake

Oedo Curry

Taste the curry made from the juicy and tender pork from Furukawa Chikusan of Tachikawa, Tokyo. The pork curry is a specialty of Restaurant Patio, run by Yokohama Beer.

[Rinkai] Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

TOKYO X Butadon

Hard to find TOKYO X (pork) due to its limited number, you are lucky to get to enjoy TOKYO X butadon at Taste of Tokyo!

[Rinkai] FujiLand

Kushiyaki & Sasae-san yaki

Try pork skewers made from extra tender pork, a specialty from Tokyo's Tachikawa. Enjoy the juicy and delicious taste of this special pork. Also on sale will be products from Fuji TV's Sazaesan's Shop, based on the long running animated TV show. You can purchase the very popular Sazaesan-yaki and other such sweets, such as Tamayaki, Namibeiyaki.

[Rinkai] FujiLand - Japanese Sake Tasting

Japanese sake tasting (3 types)

We have selected Japanese sake, umeshu and other drinks from all over Japan. We even have hard to find brands so a rare chance to enjoy these traditional Japanese drinks!

[Rinkai] Toyosu Shoyukai Cooperative

Toyosu Honey, Toyosu Honey Ale (beer)

Toyosu Honey Ale is made from Toyosu honey. Please come and try out this unusual beer.

[Rinkai] TOKYO Minatorie (Tokyo Port and Harbor)

Tokyo Port and Harbor PR

Tokyo Minatorie, Tokyo's Bureau of Port and Harbor's new PR exhibition center, will be at the event. Visit to learn about and experience Tokyo Bay; its past, present and future!

[Rinkai] Yurikamome

Yurikamome Original Goods

We will be selling goods only available at Shimbashi and Toyosu Stations.
There will be hand towels, tote bags, rulers, mug cups and other everyday items. You can also get special information provided by Yurikamome. Yurimo, a character of Yurikamome will also be there to greet you, so come on by!

World Zone


Mongolian Cuisine Ulaanbaatar


Buuz is a dish served during the Mongolian New Year and is prepared in homes everywhere. This dumpling is made from mutton wrapped in wheat skin. Come try this traditional Mongolian New Year's dish!

Porky and Ducky

Mitsuju chashu otsumami set

Mitsuju chashu is considered Hong Kong's soul food. This chashu is made from only high quality Japanese katarosu (chuck roll) to give it its exquisite taste.

Little Myanmar


Mohinga is a very popular Myanmar dish. The noodles are put into a hearty soup made from fish soup stock with lemon grass, ginger, garlic, onions, eggs, bean or rice flour and other ingredients to make it a delicious dish. You can add your preference of coriander, garlic file, fish sauce, pepper and lemon to make it a perfect meal for you.

Jai Thai

Khao soi

Khao soi hails from northern Thailand's Chiang Mai and is considered a specialty from that region. Made of noodles with coconuts flavored chicken curry soup, Khao soi is an exquisite signature northern Thai dish.


Pie Queen

Apple pie

A home-baked apple pie.  The taste of home, the warm kitchen with wafting scents of cinnamon, butter, and vanilla.  An all-American favorite.

Smokin' Bluemoon

Cajun pork

Cajun Pork is taken from the Louisiana dish Cajun Pork Chops, which is pan fried with onions, green peppers, paprika, garlic etc. We use Mochi Buta or Imo Buta because the flavor and tenderness is superior to other types of pork.I recommend trying it with your favorite wine.


Jerk chicken

Jerk cuisine, originally applied to pork but now includes chicken, is now a stable menu on any Jamaican event. The sauce is key to jerk chicken's taste and Nevin's uses homemade jerk sauce made of pesticide-free thyme and crushed pepper sauce to make it an excellent jerk chicken. The chicken is cooked Jamaican-style, slowly over a drum pan.

Brazilian Foods

Brazilian BBQ

BBQ chicken is a common Brazilian dish. BBQ chicken as the name implies is BBQ that is arranged on skewers and roasted in either a charcoal or gas grill. Very easy to eat, it is a popular food at festivals. 


Grill Work

Turkish kebab

Doner kebab came from the era of the Oman Empire (modern Turkey), about 700 years ago. Kebab is the most famous of the Turkish foods, considered one of the three great cuisines in the world.

Oishii Croatia

Jota (Istrian stew)

Jota (pronounce yota) is a traditional beans soup characteristic for northwest Istra, Slovenia and Northern Italy. Main ingredients are beans, meat and vegetables, with the option of sauerkrauts. It is a relaxing meal after a hard day's work.

Serbian Night


Palačinke is a thin crêpe-like variety of pancake common in Central and Eastern Europe


Pączki donuts

Pączki are Polish pastries that are deep-fried dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with butter, eggs, jam and cream. These yummy treats are hard to find in Tokyo, so come try them while you can!


La maison de Cous Cous

Chicken Kabsa

Come try this chicken over rice, a popular Arabian rice dish!

Little Ethiopia


As rice is to Japan, teff is to Ethiopia, a species of lovegrass native to Ethiopia. The nuts of teff is made into flour, which is mixed with water and allowed to ferment for several days. Teff is healthy, gluten-free and very popular with the Hollywood celebrities and considered a superfood. It is fermented and rich in iron and minerals. Great for the body, you can see the results in the styles of many Ethiopian beauties.

Out of Africa Tokyo


Sorghum is an indigenous dish in southern Africa often consumed in its meal form as porridge, pap with soups and relish or mixed in salads in its premilled form. It has gained a following as a gluten-free power food with many health benefits including its ability to prevent certain types of cancer, help control diabetes, boost energy and fuel production. Sorghum meal is also used to make tasty breads and other baked goods.